Replica Buyers Guide Omega Seamaster Ploprof 1200M

The first watches were tested and proofed in Omega labs for 600m and even in reduced depths in the live experiments, going up to more than twice of the advertised 600m. The pricey development boosts the eye around the very top of their most expensive Omega professional watches. The Ploprof price was so large, approximately twice that of the Rolex Submariner, that many of the amateur sailors couldn’t afford it. And it had been mainly bought by firms for their specialist divers.The watch featured a string of patents such as the CH503310 / 1968 for its locking bezel system or the CH480680 / 1967 for its monobloc case. The easy use of this crown locking system along with the unusual bezel lock advantage sympathy due to robustness and easy handling. The opinion wasn’t the very attractive diving bits on the industry and Omega advertised it in an original way: “It might not look pretty on the surface, but deep down it is beautiful.” — Omega.The professional sailors understood that they can depend on Omega Ploprof to their lifetime, and this led to the success of the watch. The original Ploprof was available in the marketplace between 1970 and 1979. Boosting an impressive water-resistance of 1200m, an HEV (helium escape valve) and a light titanium case, the Omega Ploprof 1200 is a contemporary monster with all the vintage look. We have a peek at this Reference at an endeavor to discover by ourselves and discover at least a part of its greatness.First made in 1970 and after relaunched in 2009, the Omega Seamaster Ploprof 1200M Co-Axial Master Chronometer — because it is now called — is among the world’s most unique and, yes, legendary dip watches.

An ad for the first Omega Ploprof said, “It might not look pretty on the surface, but deep down it’s amazing.” It is a curious announcement for a formal ad, but well sums up a great deal of what the original ancient 1970s super diver was all about. Omega was one of those lead innovators and Rolex in the marketplace to supply serious professional sailors (most especially the likes of Jacques Cousteau) with reliable diving watch instruments. In its heyday, the Ploprof (a contraction of “Plongeur Professional”) was an extremely innovative tool based on years of development.Omega achieved a design that not only withstood the depths, but was able to, again and again, remain underwater for very long intervals. It sported unique features such as a more or less one-piece case, simple to grip safety bezel, and protected crown. This was arguably the very best diving tool of its own time. It was also very expensive. As an expert tool it really sat more or less in the peak of the Omega product line and has been extremely expensive even considering its professional-use market. Nevertheless, the opinion has been a hit with pros and consumers alike. Nevertheless Omega needed to make excuses for its looks.History appears to assert the Ploprof was a hit with all the men and a dog with all the ladies (not a cute puppy). The plan is not exactly elegant, which has much to do with all the fat orange minute hand, and also the odd looking asymmetrical case. Nowadays it seems somewhat like a Star Wars spacecraft in your wrist. But we find it beautiful. So amazing the original versions continue to enjoy a very healthy cult status and collector’s market. In 2009, Omega published an upgraded version of this Ploprof under the Seamaster collection, offering fans of the design an exciting contemporary way of appreciating the famed diver.

  • The watch was, and it is still believed by some, one of the most non-appealing watches introduced by Omega. However, since the usefulness rather than the attractiveness has been the vital factor of the instrument watch, the Ploprof increased quickly a profound esteem between professional divers. Today we review the contemporary diver Seamaster Ploprof 1200, Reference, a titanium monster with a candy blue bezel.The increasing number of the army and commercial diving professionals at the sixties, in addition to the enhanced requirements for the diving watches, result in a collaboration between Omega and Jacques Cousteau to create an extreme water-resistant view. Following four decades of development and intensive testing, the Omega Ploprof was released in 1970. The PLOngeur PROFessionnel nomenclature comes in the French-speaking group that made the watch.The first firm that used the new diver was Compagnie Maritime d’Expertise — Comex, a petroleum research firm that engaged also in the growth phase. Fearing that the crystal might pop out at decompression point of diving, because of helium growth, Comex researched the solution supplied with a helium release valve. Back in 1971, Rolex created the helium escape valve available on the Ref. 1665. We covered this historic landmark in our hands on of the new Sea-Dweller, Ref. 126600 is available here. However, actually, even with no gas escape valve, Omega had not one of the helium problems of the counterparts diving watches. The brand’s alternative was to make the watch air-tight, and thanks to this monoblock construction, it achieves a tightness better than that of the Apollo spacecraft.

  • The Seamaster Ploprof 1200M dial is a substantial update over people of the originals concerning quality. Though it’s visually similar. The dial is legible and appealing, with a lot of Omega DNA from the plan. I found it easy to read and live with as a stalwart instrumental companion. Omega offers the dial in both white and black. Though the black frequently resembles a deep azure based on its glossy finish. You’ve applied hour numerals along with the fat orange minute hand is a welcome vertical hand vs painted orange. The date window is from the way, but easy to see. Overall the dial is simply a more attractive and contemporary redo of the original. The first Ploprof also contained an in-house made Omega motion called the grade 1002 automatic. The 8500 is a fairly great movement that I have discussed before. This is their regular three-hand automatic caliber for high-end versions. One quirk of the motion is how you set the date. Omega designed the hour to be moved independently for traveling purposes, but in addition, this is how you fix the date. By rapidly moving the hour hand back or forth you can proceed a day ahead or behind. Though this is significantly slower than just shifting a date disk. This can be annoying once you’ve left the watch around for a little while and need to reset the date. But on the plus side it is easier to travel with.

  • I’m happy the Ploprof is about, because this way I get to enjoy the wearing experience only such a quirky, bizarre, yet beneath the radar (I will explain) watch gives. There are plenty of elements to this statement, so I will start with “under the radar.” When I have a watch in for inspection and use it around for a few weeks, I monitor people’s reactions (when there are some) to the watch or request their feedback about it. The Ploprof, despite its own shape, big footprint and consequent, certainly notable presence on the wrist, in my experience did not quite boost people’s attention the exact same way as other, likewise expensive watches do.Sure, I (and likely you too) will appreciate its own 1,200 meter water resistance, its fresh and genuinely amazing 8912, anti-magnetic, METAS-certified test-proven movement and light, yet robust titanium case… but to non-watch-people, it’s merely another big, rather daft-looking watch which, when I told them just how much it costs, they wouldn’t believe it until they got to take a closer look at it (or maybe not even then).But said people will never ever buy a Ploprof for themselves, and so this review is barely for them, but rather for somebody who would like to understand how the Ploprof fits to the wider segment of really expensive luxury watches — and when it’s any fantastic reason to be around today.I regard Omega for taking on the challenge of further refining the Ploprof, a watch they could totally eliminate calling the rugged, super niche model that may live on unmodified in the huge catalog of Omega watches. Rather, the Omega Seamaster Ploprof 1200 M Kaufen Replica OrologiCo-Axial Master Chronometer features a superior movement along with also an updated case and necklace, from steel to grade 5 titanium.

  • Even after a couple of years on the market, the Seamaster Ploprof 1200M is still a powerful vendor, but it is not affordable. Then again, it wasn’t economical back in the early 1970s either. Has the layout become more sexy through recent years? Even by female standards? I can’t speak for girls, but I think it has gained a degree of honorary elegance given exactly what it is. No one I introduced the watch to believed it was unattractive. As I discussed previously, I think anyone can appreciate its own tool watch soul, as well as locate great and genuine beauty in that actuality. As a tool, it works rather perfectly. Omega introduced the Ploprof 1200M back in 2009, that I was actually happily surprised to realize that they did such an amazing job. The similarity with the original Omega Ploprof 600M 166.077 was amazing. On Fratellowatches we wrote about the PloProf watches several times, but never took the opportunity to place both models together and have a closer look.hile being sized for an Omega Seamaster Ploprof 1200 M Kaufen Replica Orologi($8,140), I really do some thinking. Namely, on the Lamborghini Aventador LP 750-4 Superveloce, the sports car. Every angle, crease and incorporated duct of that rolling testament to speed functions to manipulate air — some slicing others inhaling — to optimize propulsion generated from the naturally aspirated, 740 horsepower, twelve-cylinder heart lying amidship. Some motorists will wring its neck, sure, but most will merely trundle along in traffic, being viewed, in the speed of a mailroom temp during day deliveries. Not that that matters.

  • Details

    Basic Info

    Brand Omega
    Model Seamaster PloProf
    Ref. No.
    Chrono24-ID 4qqc81
    Movement Automatic
    Case material Steel
    Bracelet material Steel
    Year 2013
    Condition 2 (fine)
      With box
      With papers
    Gender Men’s watch/Unisex
    Location Germany, Borchen
    Price 4,997 € (= $6,274)
    Availability Available now


    Movement Automatic
    Movement/Caliber 8500
    Power reserve 60 h
    Number of jewels 39
    Frequency 25200 A/h


    Case material Steel
    Case diameter 55 x 48 mm
    Waterproof 120 ATM
    Glass Sapphire Glass
    Dial Black


    Bracelet material Steel
    Bracelet color Steel
    Clasp Fold clasp
    Clasp material Steel




    Luminescent Hands, Rotating Bezel, Crown Left, Screw-Down Crown, Helium Valve, Luminous indexes

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    Betreff: Bewerbung

    Sehr geehrte/r Desk-/Ocean-Diver,

    ich, eine wunderschöne Omega Seamaster Ploprof 1200M Kaliber 8500 Ref., Jahrgang 2013, suche eine neue Herausforderung. Nach meiner Ausbildung im Mittelmehr habe ich wertvolle Berufserfahrung im Atlantik an der gesunkenen USS Spiegel Grove vor Key Largo und im Pazifik bei Längengrad 156° West sammeln dürfen.

    Selbstverständlich bringe ich meine komplette Original-Ausrüstung mit, dazu gehört der Neoprenanzug, Putztuch, Hangtag, die Garantiekarte (gekauft bei deutschem Konzi) und die Piktogrammkarte im Omega-Kartenhalter, das Handbuch und der Umkarton. Alle Elemente meines superbequemen Shark Mesh Bands sind installiert (das Shark Mesh Band kann bei Bedarf gekürzt werden). Mit meiner präzise verstellbaren Faltschliesse falle ich jedem passend um den Hals… ähh, Arm.

    Meine Gehaltsvorstellung beträgt 4.997,- EUR in Form einer Einmalzahlung. Die unerfahrenen Kollegen werden aktuell für 8.000,- EUR eingestellt. Ich bevorzuge es, abgeholt zu werden, würde mich zur Not aber auch in eine kleine Kiste zwängen und selbst auf den Weg machen.

    Für ein Bewerbungsgespräch stehe ich in Ostwestfalen (Raum Bielefeld/Gütersloh/Paderborn) gern zur Verfügung und freue mich auf Ihre Einladung!

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen

    Ihre O. Mega-Ploprof


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